The Page of Shameless Plugs

Here’s where you can see some of the projects I’ve done in the past, as I slowly get the photos scanned into the computer. I’ll include a bit of information about each project, but one thing applies to all the photos – they are all my work. Some of them are paying projects, and others are things I did for myself.My first prayer shawl!

This is my very first prayer shawl. I finished it just before Christmas 2007, and gave it to a woman in my parish whose husband has cancer. It’s made with 2 1/2 skeins of Caron Simply Soft yarn and a size (I think) P crochet hook. The fringe is about 4″ long. I unfortunately tossed the band from the skeins so I forget the exact name of the color, but it reminded me of the Theotokos when I chose it.

girlchec Chrismation

This is girlchec at her Chrismation and First Holy Communion – December 3, 2006. The dress is silk: silk organza and 5mm habotai in the sleeves, 12mm single face satin for the bodice and underskirt, and 2 layers of silk chiffon in the skirt. I don’t have a picture (yet) of the back of the dress, but there is a little detachable bustle with 3 silk roses back there that was really cute. And her hands are hiding the lace at the waist, which I recycled from a wedding dress.

older boychec suit

Here we have older boychec’s (he of the nose mitten) First Holy Communion suit. When I dig up the portrait with him in it I’ll post that as well. It’s really cute, with actual vents at the sleeve hems, just like a man’s suit. The lining is hand set, and the interfacing in the lapels is hand pad-stitched, and the flannel undercollar is hand sewn in. The slacks have a real fly front, and actual pockets (otherwise where would he put his Rosary, huh?). The fabric is a wool/polyester blend I got, believe it or not, out of the remnant bin at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Christening gown

Here, younger boychec assists me in showing off the Christening gown that both he and girlchec wore. It’s cotton batiste; the little coat is fully lined, also in batiste. I crocheted the crosses on the front of the gown and the collar of the coat.

Boychec suit

Here’s that pic of older boychec.

Montessori-style altar things

Here are some wee tiny altar cloths and linens I made for a Romanian Byzantine Catholic priest in Pittsburgh. He uses the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. Everything is either 100% linen (the large altar cloth) or silk.

Pentecost veils and aer

This is the current Project – a full set of priest vestments and altar cloths for my parish, in green, for Pentecost. These are the veils and aer. When I finish everything I will post pictures of the full set, but I had to get these up as some readers want to know if I can sew Church things. Um, yes.


7 responses to “The Page of Shameless Plugs

  1. You never cease to amaze me! The things you make are just beautiful!

  2. e-mail me – this post brings a question to mind that I want to ask you privately.

  3. Hi, saw your blog link from Rosary Army. Just want to say the green altar linens are gorgeous!

  4. Matushka Anna

    Altar linens are lovely. Learned of you through Rosary Army. Looking for sources for Byzantine vestments/ anderis / rassa/ etc.

  5. Hi. I was looking for a local tailor, and had found this website. Do you do alterations? Thanks a bunch!

  6. Glory to Jesus Christ!

    Pro-Life, Byzantine, Evangelistic, Enterprise?
    Check out my website and see what you think!
    Be sure to sample the ORANS newsletter It’s not
    anything like what you would expect from an online shop!

    Christ is among us!
    Carolyn Ellis

  7. Hi!

    Not sure if you remember me, but I attended your a Mass at your parish in early November. I talked to you and the other ex-Romans after Mass in the Rectory basement, and I’m now attending a Latin Mass community in Pittsburgh. I really enjoyed your liturgy and enthusiasm, but I guess I’m just a Roman kind of guy. 🙂 Anyhow…I’m tickled to have found you online, was trying to find a way to make rosaries and found you via Rosary Army, because I’ve been wanting to find someone to mend a couple of pea coats I’ve had since high school. Do you take in customers?

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